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  • Bergen County Educational Article of the Month - How to kill a squirrel

How to kill a squirrel

How to kill a squirrel

Why would you want to kill a Bergen County squirrel? Well, there are a few reasons, the main one being that they carry disease because the description of the squirrel being “a rat with a bushy tail” is extremely accurate. As well as carrying diseases they have been known to do enormous damage, to give you an idea, in 2013 squirrels caused more than 50 power outages in the United States, two of those power outages shut down the New York Stock Exchange, one of those power outages caused a substation to explode, do you still think squirrels are harmless and cute?

Probably the easiest way to kill a Bergen squirrel is with a rat trap, you know the kind that look like an oversized mouse trap, but like when used on rats, they are not always fatal quickly, that means the animal can be caught and suffer for some time before it dies, with New Jersey squirrels these traps usually get them across the nose or the head and not the neck. I'm told that the real downside to this is that when the animal does not die immediately and you have to finish what you started that even the strongest men flinch, why, because New Jersey squirrels when trapped and injured cry like a baby.

I guess I have to mention here that you can shoot them, though using anything other than a very small caliber weapon with just be gross overkill. A sure fire method I've heard about is electrocution. There is a device out there called a rat zapper, they say it will kill New Jersey mice, rats and squirrels. How it works it is and closed box that either runs of mains power or batteries, the animal is lured with a bait and when it walks over the electrified plate it is instantly killed. Everything I found about these things says that they are one of the fastest method of killing these animals.

I'm not going to give you a lot of information about poisoning squirrels because very simply the poisoning of squirrels is illegal in the whole of the United States and in Canada. They have not actually passed laws saying it is illegal to poison squirrels but what the federal government has done is refused to approve any poisons for use on squirrels, that automatically makes it illegal to use a poison to deliberately kill a squirrel. Also there are quite a number of towns and cities across the United States that actually promote their Bergen County squirrel populations as tourist attractions and in these places killing a squirrel even by accident will get you arrested.

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