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  • Bergen County Educational Article of the Month - How to get rid of snakes

How to get rid of snakes

How to get rid of New Jersey snakes

Snakes are probably one of the easiest creatures in nature to let them know they are not welcome, and then they will leave. Unlike what most people believe no snake is actually going to be aggressive and hostile to humans, what some people perceive as aggression from a Bergen County snake is nearly always defensive fear in action, in other words you just terrified the animal and it reacted in self-preservation. Even venomous snakes only strike humans or other large animals in defense, their venom is supposed to be used to catch their prey and it takes a serious effort on their part to make the venom so they don't want to waste it on creatures they can't eat.

The easiest and a very effective way of getting rid of snakes is to go down to your local store and buy a couple of packets of mothballs, snakes do not like naphthalene which is the main ingredient of mothballs, it interferes with the chemical receptors they use for smelling their environment and without that sense of smell they are seriously at risk and they know it so one wiff of a mothball and they generally go the other way. Most people are seriously rattled when they encounter a snake because usually it is a close range encounter, the reason that is is because New Jersey snakes are well camouflaged and you won't see them generally until they move, they won't move usually until you're almost on top of them, and of course the natural human reaction is to panic.

Once you've got over the initial shock of the encounter you should try and identify the species of the snake to determine if it is dangerous or not, if it is venomous, even a baby Bergen snake can be dangerous, get a professional or call animal control, at least with animal control they will come out and find the snake and confirm whether it is dangerous or not, if it is dangerous they will remove it, if it is not they will probably tell you it's harmless, leave it where they found it, and go back to their offices.

There is a simple method for catching New Jersery snakes that you are sure are nonvenomous but you still want removed. You need a large container and something that is flat that is larger than the top of the container. You put the container over the snake, then slide the flat piece under the snake then tip the whole thing upside down, the snake is now in the container and the flat piece is a lid to keep it in the container, you can now transport it to wherever you like.

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