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  • Bergen County Educational Article of the Month - What is Wild Animal Eviction Fluid?

What is Wild Animal Eviction Fluid?

Eviction fluid is special fluid made specifically to evict or remove the Bergen County animal from your house or your property.

What are eviction fluids made of?
One might be asking him/herself this question and maybe find no definite answer to it. It is a difficult question to people who have not yet been troubled by wild New Jersey animals particularly the mischievous raccoons. Eviction fluids are fluids made of a mixture of predators’ urines and some other secretions from the male parts of that predator. This mixture serves the purpose scaring away the animal from the place where it has been applied.

How does eviction fluid keep off the Bergen County animals?
If all other eviction methods have not yet yielded the desired outcomes, and the animals are becoming a big nuisance, then it is advisable to consider the eviction fluid to do the task. Raccoon eviction fluid has been known to deliver the desired outcomes and will not fail. Male raccoons are known to be a predator of the New Jersey raccoon babies. Therefore, if you apply the fluid around the dwelling den of the raccoon, the whole place will smell of the predator. This leaves the mother with no choice but to move the babies and itself as well.

Do other animals have animals have eviction fluid?
There might be some but which are not effective. Raccoon eviction fluid is the only one that is known to give the outcomes. However, Bergen County squirrels are known to be distracted by the raccoons’ eviction fluid to some extent. You can use the fluid against the squirrels for it will work but you are not fully guaranteed. Some people argue that snakes have eviction fluid. What they really have are the repellents but not the eviction fluids.

What should one do in case the fluid doesn’t work?
When such a scenario happens, consider other eviction methods such as trapping and removal. All these work effectively to keep the New Jersey animals out of bounds. You don’t have to standby and get worried. Other methods are very good at keeping the animals away. Eviction fluids are effective at keeping away the animals particularly the raccoons. If you don’t want to use the physical approach to confront the animal consider the eviction fluid to do the work for you. This is in case the animal in question is a raccoon. For other Bergen County animals, you have to use different approaches.

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