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  • Bergen County Educational Article of the Month - How to Properly Dispose of a New Jersey Dead Animal Carcass

How to Properly Dispose of a New Jersey Dead Animal Carcass

Proper disposal of a dead Bergen County animal carcass depends on the local laws in different areas. There are communities that prohibit people from burying dead animals in the ground or burning animal carcasses while others permit to do so. Some areas have pet cemetery where pet owners bury their pets and visit them whenever they want.

For more information about dead animal removal, visit a site that will tell you more and better info on how to dispose of a dead dog or dead cat or any dead animal, and this site also lists nationwide resources for dead animal carcass disposal.

Ways to dispose of a dead New Jersey animal carcass
• Burial. This is one of the traditional and sentimental ways to dispose a dead animal. If it is your pet that died, you can put it inside a box like a coffin and put something in its possession like a lace. Dig a hole big enough to fit the box or put carcass in the hole. The hole must at least two feet deep to prevent flood from washing it away. Lastly, put a layer of stones over the spot to keep away Bergen County animals from digging it up.
• Incineration. If you know a place where they incinerate an animal carcass, you can bring it there and have it cremated. Most animal shelters have an incinerator to get rid of dead animals. If you don’t have access to an incinerator, you can create a bonfire and toss the dead New Jersey animal there. However, people are too sentimental for their pets and burning them won’t be an option for most pet lovers.
• Seeking the help of local animal services. If you have a very small place, say an apartment without a small backyard, you can call the local Bergen County animal services and seek their help in disposing the dead animal you found in your place.
• Throwing it in the garbage disposal. If it is a small animal like a rodent or a pigeon, wrap it a garbage bag and toss it in the garbage can. If it is a large Bergen County animal like a raccoon, or a dog, ask the garbage disposal service if they can take it for disposal. Although it is possible that they don’t take it, at least locate the nearest animal service in your community or a place where you can bury it.

Problems of not properly disposed dead animals
A dead New Jesrsey animal can cause problems not only in your house but in the community. A stinky smell will soon arise from the decaying animal and it will be covered with worms and maggots that will eventually attract flies. This incident may result to spread of bacteria in your house that may lead to infections and other diseases. This is why it is very important to properly dispose dead Bergen County animals as soon as possible.

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