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  • Bergen County Educational Article of the Month - Bat prevention tips: how to keep bats away

Bat prevention tips: how to keep bats away

Bat prevention tips: how to keep bats away

There is only one method to keep New Jersey bats away from your house or buildings, and that is exclusion. Bats can get into tiny little holes of less than a half an inch so if you've never done a full outside inspection of your house maybe it is time you did. Bats do love to roost in the attics of Bergen County houses mainly because they seem to know that the humans living below them will want to keep the house at a temperature that they will also enjoy. That's a generally very quiet and can be in your roof for quite a while before you realise that they are there.

For some unknown reason, and this goes back to medieval times, bats a one of the most feared animals in existence, and even today some people believe that any bat can turn into a vampire bat almost at will, they can't of course but having a bat flying around your house in panic, crashing into things in its desperation to get away can be a pretty harrowing experience. If you do have a bat in the house direct it into one room, close the door and open the window, move the curtain aside so that the bat can fly past it and then leave the room closing the door behind you. The Bergen County bat will calm down and at dusk will leave by the window, it can detect the air flows in the room and will know the window is open, problem solved.

Another thing people want New Jersey bats kept away from is there pools, unless you are prepared to totally enclose your pool forget it. Another place bats seem to want to hang around is your porch or patio, if this is happening then the bats have a roost somewhere very close by, probably in your attic so it would be advisable for you to find out where they are roosting.

If you already have bats in your attic then the first thing you need to find out is where their entry and exit points are, the easiest way to do this is to get a person for each wall of the house and at dusk when the bats are leaving they watched their wall and note if any bats exit. Once you have all the points noted you can go and seal them up, unlike with other critters bats are easy to block out as they will not try and tear holes in what is used to seal up the hole. To a New Jersery bat a piece of paper looks a solid as a sheet of steel, because they use their echo sounder not vision.

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